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Quality control is a vital part of the Quaife success story, enabling the company to produce precision engineered components to the very tightest of tolerances. Whether a one off ‘custom’ product or a high-volume OEM contract, clients can be assured that Quaife’s quality management procedures are rigorous, proactive and constantly improving.
Ongoing investment in advanced inspection equipment at both the Sevenoaks and Gillingham plants, plus a dedication to repeat process procedures ensures that Quaife achieves high quality standards.


All Quaife components are machined from the highest quality raw materials – Corus Steel and European sourced Aluminium billets, while Quaife liaises closely with its foundry to ensure alloy casings are cast using advanced, low porosity techniques to ensure quality control compliance.


On both sites we have fully equipped state of the art Quality Control inspection facilities. We utilise the latest inspection software and machinery available on the market today by investing in Advanced Mitutoyo Crysta Apex computer-controlled tri-coordinate measuring machines equipped with profile scanners, these facilities are complemented by our inline Aberlink Xtreme CMMs that guarantees all Differentials produced are to drawing requirements. Quaife have invested in a Gleeson 350GMM inspection machine to enable our production team to measure the Form, Taper and Pressure / Helix angle of gears to 0.0001mm.

Post production, fully assembled transmissions are validated on-site at Sevenoaks using Quaife Axiline 97000EC transient transmission testing dynamometers. For ‘first off’ designs, this facility helps Quaife technicians and designers to optimise every component by verifying overall functionality and performance.

The following inspection documentation is available on request; this will ensure your quality standards are met:

  • PPAPs (Pre-Production Approval Process)
  • ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Reports)
  • Material Certificates (IMDS)
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Certificate of Compliance


The Sevenoaks and Gillingham sites are accredited to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, please see our certificates below:

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate 1
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate 2

The results are unrivalled quality that you can depend upon across the entire portfolio of Quaife high performance drivetrain products, ensuring that they deliver unbeatable performance and reliability.

Please get in touch if you would like further information about our quality control procedures.

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