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Historic motorsport and the restoration of classic cars and bikes either to original specification or with modern upgrades is an increasingly popular part of our industry. As a motorsport engineering company established in 1965, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the design and manufacture of components and assemblies for the Classic market.

We manufacture thousands of classic car and motorcycle gear kits, gear boxes, axle sets, differentials and steering racks every year, many of which are sold exclusively through our specialist network of distributors.

Wherever possible, we work with experts in their field to create the perfect product. We have catered for everything from four speed gearbox conversions for a 1920’s commercial vehicle, differentials for 1940’s US army personnel carriers, a batch of complete replica gearboxes for a 1960’s supercar, uprights for Group A and B rally cars, and much more.

We have also designed and manufactured numerous upgrades and smart solutions for classic cars and vintage bikes where the original design was flawed, or where the parts are simply no longer available.


Quaife manufactures hundreds of unique differentials for the classic and historic vehicle market.  Quaife can help you in your search for added traction and increased performance potential. What’s more, our world renowned ATB® Differential comes with a lifetime warranty, for complete peace of mind.

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Motorsport Transmissions

Quaife has been designing and manufacturing precision engineered motorsport transmissions since the 1960’s. Our extensive range covers everything from a 5-speed h-pattern gearbox for the Ford GT40 to our ever-popular Ford Bullet 2000E collection.

We are also highly experienced in working alongside specialists who have commissioned us to design transmissions for some of the most sought after vehicles within the historic motorsport scene; you can trust Quaife with your production requirements.

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Motorsport Gearkits

Many of our classic performance gearkits come in synchromesh, dog engagement and sequential formats to offer you the most comprehensive choice. Designed to replace a vehicle’s standard OE gear-set and manufactured for utmost strength and durability, Quaife’s historic gearkits have been used in a wide variety of motorsport disciplines all around the world. What’s more, we offer you a choice of gear ratios and final drive ratios to meet your exacting requirements.

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Steering Racks

Whether you own a Mk1 or Mk2 Ford Escort, a Mk1 or Mk2 Volkswagen Golf, or even a Japanese classic such as Toyota’s AE86, Quaife manufactures steering racks for many of the most well regarded classic vehicles. Like all Quaife products, our steering racks are manufactured in the UK and inspected to ISO9001-2015 standards, for complete peace of mind.

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Quaife produces products for many of the UK’s most highly respected classic vehicle restoration specialists. Whether it’s wheel hub kits, engine studs, cam timing pulleys or wheel spinners for AC Cobra replicas, we have the capabilities to design and manufacture a wide variety of parts for the historic vehicle industry.

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