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Quaife’s ability to deliver solutions to complex automotive drivetrain challenges begins in the research and development (R&D) offices at the company’s Sevenoaks facility. As a company, Quaife is never content with the status quo and places great emphasis on constant improvement, particularly in the realm of design, where the firm is renowned for returning to first principles and pushing the boundaries of conventional performance automotive drivetrain technology.

A significant amount of this ‘pre-design’ research and development process that ultimately translates into a successful drivetrain component or a complete motorsport transmission happens at this stage.

Detailed vehicle, engine, and gearbox assessment, including the strip down of sub-assemblies, occurs during this research and development process, which relies on the close interaction and exchange of information between Quaife management, design and commercial staff to create an outline set of product requirements that drive the initial working concept.

For example, market demand may be for an in-line six-speed sequential gearbox that installs into a Mk1 Ford Escort or Caterham without requiring bodywork modifications, yet can transmit 375 bhp. Alternatively, the objective could be a sequential gearkit for the Toyota engined Lotus Elise that requires the re-use of the original gear casing, or a reversing box for a motorcycle engined vehicle.

These diverse projects require a wide variety of practical, mathematical, commercial and design inputs across numerous specialities. This is where Quaife excels, particularly when faced with the limitations of compressed timescales and restricted resources.


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