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Motorsport Steering Racks

The Quaife motorsport steering rack range offers a precision engineered upgrade for many popular motorsport saloon and single seater applications. Compared to the standard production steering item, the Quaife motorsport steering rack uses a higher ratio, drastically reducing the amount of driver wheel input for a given manoeuvre, increasing control and minimising driver fatigue.

A Quaife motorsport steering rack is an indispensable low-cost performance upgrade for numerous competition disciplines, particularly rallying and rallycross use, where it improves car control and cuts driver fatigue via reduced steering inputs. Precision engineered from top quality steel billets, Quaife motorsport steering racks are processed through a Galbaini CNC straightening machine once they have been machined and subjected to heat treatment. This auto-loading machine then straightens steering racks to an accuracy of 0.002” along their length, to ensure a top quality finished item.

Compared to traditional hand straightening which can induce micro cracks, the Galbaini process reduces stress within the shaft and offers superior precision, endowing Quaife’s motorsport quick steering racks and pinion kits with another quality advantage over competitor products.

Covering Ford, Honda, MG, Mini, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volvo and VW fitments to name a few, Quaife’s motorsport steering rack collection includes heavy duty Ford Escort Mk1 / Mk2 assemblies as well as complete central steering racks for single seater applications. These also feature a safety collapse system for enhanced crash protection.

Please contact the Quaife Technical Sales Team for motorsport steering rack product selection advice. Alternatively, if you require specific steering racks that we do not currently manufacture, please get in touch to discuss any potential new product offerings.

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