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Special Engineering Projects

Quaife has developed its core technologies from over 50 years experience at the leading edge of motorsport competition to provide a portfolio of comprehensive precision mechanical engineering solutions based on world-class technologies, expertise and manufacturing techniques.

Irrespective of sector, from prototype design through concept to manufacture, Quaife can make your engineering products a reality. Quaife’s Special Engineering Projects division leverages the firm’s powertrain design and advanced CNC machining capabilities to realise a competitive advantage which allows us to meet the needs of your company, business or industry, often in resource and time limited scenarios.

Aside from drivetrain components, the Special Engineering Projects division oversees the manufacture of competition winches, sub-frames and bodywork fixings, but Quaife has also applied its technical expertise to manufacture precision components for the agricultural, food processing, mining and aviation sectors, as well as dockside cranes, speed boats and amphibious vehicles, even machinery for crematoriums.

For more information on how Quaife’s Special Engineering Projects division can assist your company make its precision manufactured products a reality, please get in touch with our Technical Sales Team.


Quaife Engineering joined forces with top simulator manufacturers Pro-Sim to create their highly sought after gear shifters. The H Pattern and Sequential shifters quickly became regarded as the best and most realistic available on the market to simulate any modern or historic manual car.

We also assist in the manufacturing of Pro-Sims simulators which are owned and used for training by some of the worlds best racing drivers including Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz and Mick Schumacher to name a few.


Fast & Furious Live banner

Fast & Furious Live

Quaife was approached by SHP Engineering, specialists in stunt vehicle preparation, chassis design and development, to manufacture bespoke transmissions for vehicles used in Fast & Furious Live. The box office smash tour enables fans of Universal’s biggest ever film franchise to experience the high-octane stunts that have captivated cinema lovers for years.

SHP requested transmissions and differentials able to cope with the power and traction necessary for the tight arena settings. With such demands, the cars that took part required high performance, robust and reliable driveline components that would cope with the abuse thrown at them, from one show to the next. Products included unique 4-speed versions of the Quaife QBE60G, suitable for short bursts of high power.

Ligier JS P4

Onroak Automotive

The Ligier JS P4 prototype by Onroak Automotive uses a Quaife transverse 6-speed semi-automatic paddle shift transmission. The French based racing firm is currently in the process of testing before an expected launch later this year.

Quaife Engineering has been working closely with the company in developing and manufacturing the vehicle’s bespoke gearbox. The JS P4 uses a 3.7 litre supercharged Ford V6 developing 420 bhp. Weighing in at just 920 kg and featuring a 100-litre fuel tank, performance is expected to be scintillating.



Quaife designed both single and twin motor reduction gearboxes for commercial EV specialists Arrival. These transmissions were designed from the outset to cope with the instant torque characteristics of electric vehicles and the durability required for commercial use.

Arrival trucks offer beautifully efficient design, modular hardware and intelligent software, ideal for the next generation of environmentally friendly commercial vehicles. What’s more, they are autonomous ready - whenever legislation allows.


Gibbs Amphibious Vehicles

The Humdinga is one of the Gibbs range of vehicles to feature the Quaife ATB® Differential. Designed for fitment in this most unique of applications, it helps to increase traction in the wet, slippery and muddy conditions often faced when navigating slipways.

The Gibbs Humdinga is not just a leisure vehicle, but is also ideal for police forces, lifeguard authorities and flood rescue teams.


Off road specialists Gigglepin approached Quaife to design and build their twin motor GP80 winch for use in extreme off-road events. This world beating winch could offer speeds from 70ft per minute to 450ft per minute, while pulling anything from 3 to 14 tons!

Used by teams around the world, the GP80 helped win The Malaysian Rainforest Challenge, Ironman Challenge Australia and Rainforest Portugal, to name but a few…


Quaife was tasked with designing and manufacturing our signature ATB® Differential to enhance traction in some of the most hardcore and robust vehicles ever produced. Italian company Bremach manufactures industrial, special and military vehicles.

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