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Quaife is the recognised global market leader in high performance automotive transmission technology, including sequential gearboxes, close-ratio gearkits, automatic torque biasing differentials and associated drivetrain components. Quaife operates across four distinct sectors; Motorsport, OEM, Commercial and Applied Technologies, each with a diverse but interlinked set of requirements.

Quaife delivers market leading high performance automotive transmission solutions designed for the most demanding operating environments in the world, namely circuit racing, stage rallying, drifting, drag racing and Time Attack.

With this in mind, motorsport is central to Quaife’s company DNA, with an active and ongoing customer base across all levels and disciplines. The competitive nature of the sport powers the majority of the firm’s innovation and resultant new product development and production.

Paul's Automotive Mustang

Increasingly this motorsport drivetrain technology is suited to the demands of automotive manufacturers seeking a performance enhancement for their volume production models. Quaife’s OEM programmes have included all three generations of Ford Focus RS, the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST, the Mini John Cooper Works Challenge and Lotus Evora 400 to name but a few. The company’s dedicated volume production plant at Gillingham and continued investment in quality control management is testimony to the firm’s commitment to this sector.

Ford Focus RS Mk3

Recently Quaife has diversified its high-technology precision engineering business, leveraging its expertise to manufacture sophisticated turnkey power transfer and electric vehicle (EV) drivetrain solutions to a diverse variety of Commercial clients worldwide.

In addition, Quaife’s Applied Technologies division provides comprehensive precision mechanical engineering solutions based on world-class technologies, expertise and manufacturing techniques. Whether high volume sub-contract gear cutting for a prestigious German car manufacturer or designing a powertrain for a desalination plant in the Middle East, Quaife’s expertise is increasingly applied in some surprising places.

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