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FWD Sequential Gearkits

Quaife FWD Sequential Gearkits cover a vast range of compatible vehicles, from the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA to Volvo M66 transmissions. A range that is constantly expanding to cater for a growing racing community taking part in many different forms of motorsport disciplines all around the world, Quaife are the trusted manufacturer of reliable, race-winning performance sequential gearkits.

FWD Gearkits

For many years, Quaife has been manufacturing a wide range of race-winning FWD sequential gearkits. Below are the key facts and figures of our most popular FWD sequential transmissions. All of these products utilise the original bellhousing from the standard gearbox, allowing the original clutch and flywheel set-up, driveshafts, and differential to be retained. The renowned Quaife ATB® Differential is available as an option on all of these products.

The new, cast maincases are designed to retain the original mounting points so users can keep their original gearbox mounts. These features allow for a true drop-in replacement, further reducing costs and time in turning your manual H-pattern gearbox into a full race-ready sequential. Meanwhile, our Research & Development department are continually monitoring the marketplace, making sure Quaife remains at the forefront of offering reliable, precision engineered products for the most popular FWD applications.

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Alfa 156 GTA

Alfa Romeo

The Quaife QBE9D 6-Speed Sequential Gearkit is compatible with vehicles fitted with the firm’s C630 transmission, from the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA to the Lancia Stratos.

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Fiesta IB5

Ford / Volvo

Quaife manufactures sequential gearkits for the popular IB5 and M66 transmission range, covering everything from the Mk6 Fiesta ST to the Mk3 Focus RS, and Volvo C30 T5 to the AWD S60R.

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Honda’s B & K-Series engines have been used in numerous generations of Civic, alongside the Integra and CR-X. Our Honda sequential collection covers them all, from EF9 to FK2.

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Lotus Elise

MG Rover / Lotus

The Quaife QKE10R can replace any PG1 equipped transmission. Used extensively in everything from the MGF to the S1 Lotus Elise & Exige, this sequential is an ideal match for those keen on increasing performance.

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Lotus 2007 D'Aste (18)

Toyota / Lotus

Whether your vehicle features Toyota’s C52, C64 or EC60 transmission, Quaife has designed and manufactures race-winning sequential gearkits to suit. These products are also popular with owners of the S2 & S3 Lotus Elise & Exige.

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TSR Seat Leon


Quaife’s QKE6V 5-Speed Sequential Gearkit can replace VAG’s 02M & 02Q transmission range. From the Mk4 Volkswagen Golf to the current Seat Leon Cupra; the Audi S3 to the Skoda Octavia vRS, the possibilities are extensive.

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