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Having completed the conceptual component layout and established the initial design criteria, all projects then progress to the Design Department at Quaife’s Sevenoaks facility which undertakes the detailed design work.

Here, advanced Solidworks 3D computer aided design software enables clear visualisation of virtual components that can be easily manipulated to establish factors including suitability for assembly. In parallel with advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, this helps Quaife’s designers to minimise prototyping time and reduce first off production costs before any metal is machined.

A significant proportion of the products which Quaife manufacture originate from customer requests; so for these projects, high value is placed on a close working relationship between the designers at Quaife and the firm’s clients to ensure that key elements of the initial component design meet or exceed externally driven performance, reliability and cost requirements.

This cutting edge design technology combined with the close working relationship between the design engineers and production staff enables Quaife to exploit the technical advantages afforded by computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software packages. Once the final design is approved, the dual purpose Solidworks software features simultaneous Computer Aided Manufacturing capabilities, enabling a seamless transition to the shop floor to allow the first metal to be cut.

The end results are reduced machining times, fewer operations, less waste and fully optimised automotive drivetrain components designed to deliver unbeatable performance and reliability in the most challenging of conditions.

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