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Quaife offers a comprehensive Technical Support program, based on decades of accumulated experience with high performance drivetrain components operating in a motorsport environment. Customers can rely on our telephone and email contact channels that provide personal support for queries concerning our range of transmission components, their operation, optimisation and maintenance. As part of this process, Quaife provides technical drawings and parts lists for its key products that are available to download from the Quaife Online Shop, plus we have collated some of the more popular queries into an FAQ section below.

By negotiation, Quaife can offer installation support to enable the rapid fitment of products into existing or new vehicle applications. In addition, Quaife's technicians provide a comprehensive rebuild service for all our product range to ensure that your Quaife component is performing at peak condition, season after season.

Technical Support FAQ’s

What sort of gear oil should I use?

When running a Quaife ATB® Differential in a standard transaxle gearbox, we recommend you use the oil recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer – the Quaife ATB® Differential does not require any special lubricants.

When running Quaife gearbox internals and a Quaife ATB® differential, we recommend FuchsTitan SYN5 75W90. For a Quaife ATB® differential, running in a rear axle, we advise you use a hypoid 90 or 75W90.

For those applications that will accept a GL5 or SAE 75W90 gear oil, we recommend and sell Silkolene SYN5 75W90 gear oil. We use Silkolene in all our own Quaife racing transmissions.

What is the torque bias ratio of Quaife ATB® Differentials / transmissions?

Quaife does not specify torque bias ratio details. The Quaife ATB® differential is an all-helical gear design. The angle and tooth form of the helix used, the number of pinions used and many other factors, (including the individual vehicle application in question), all contribute to how the differential behaves and biases torque across an axle.

Each Quaife ATB® differential application is designed to offer the best compromise between performance and durability, which is why it is regarded as the industry benchmark design. We are so confident in these precision engineered products, we offer a lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind.

With Quaife gearkits and transmissions, the torque is not quoted as there are many variables based on application. Quaife manufactures gearkits and gearboxes to suit motorsport suited ratios. Our sequential and dog engagement gearkits are specifically designed for faster gear changes.

What kind of horsepower can a Quaife ATB® Differential handle?

The Quaife ATB® Differential is engineered to handle considerable amounts of power and high torque loadings. In almost any given transmission or rear axle, the Quaife ATB® Differential will not be the limiting factor. This has been proven in front wheel drive drag racing, where violent standing starts combine with high power outputs and sticky drag rubber.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us.

What sort of maintenance is required when using a Quaife ATB® Differential?

There is no additional maintenance required when using the Quaife ATB® Differential. It is a ‘fit and forget’ item without any internal plates, springs or washers to wear out.

Are there any special parts needed to install a Quaife ATB® Differential?

There are no special parts required to install a Quaife ATB® Differential, beyond what may normally be needed to install a stock unit. The basic parts needed will be differential bearings, transmission or rear end gaskets and possibly some shims if required.

I don’t see a Quaife product application listed for my vehicle. What can I do?

Whether you are looking for an ATB® Differential, close ratio gearkit, quick steering rack, or all of the above, we specialise in making limited productions on a custom basis. With many differential and gearkit production runs of only 30 units, Quaife can provide small companies and race teams with custom made driveline products built to their own, unique requirements.

If you are an individual looking for a product that we do not currently manufacture, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. Many new applications have begun from a single phone call. To keep costs competitive for end users, we require a minimum order of 30 units. This helps to offset the costs of design, development and tooling, and makes the process more economically viable.

It would be a good idea to seek out fellow enthusiast owners that share an interest in your same vehicle. You may be able to gather enough people together to enable enough of a business case to commence production of a new product. Please feel free to contact us. After all, you have nothing to lose . . . and only performance to gain!

Can Quaife produce a custom differential or gearkit for my vehicle?

Quaife is always receptive to the idea of producing special batch runs of differentials, gear kits and many other driveline components; we specialise in the economical production of small volume runs. Although a single, custom Quaife ATB® differential could be made, it is often cost-prohibitive. A typical, small batch run of differentials or gearkits is 30-50 units.

What do I do if I think I have a problem with my Quaife differential?

Initially we would recommend you telephone or e-mail the Quaife Technical Sales team before returning any product. One of our trained technicians will gladly help you remotely diagnose the issue. If at that point it is deemed necessary, you will be asked to dispatch the differential to Quaife, minus the interfacing parts and differential bearings. You will require an authorisation from Quaife before returning any items for inspection, service, or repair. Our technicians will evaluate your Quaife ATB® differential and advise you of our findings.

What do I do if my Quaife gearkit or gearbox needs service or repair?

If you suspect a problem with your Quaife gearkit or gearbox, you would be advised to follow the same procedure as above. Contact the Technical Sales team via telephone or send us an e-mail to let us know what is going on before you return the unit to us. Our technicians will determine the cause of the problem as quickly as possible, repair it, and get you back on the track. Click the link to view our servicing menu.

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