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With a large porfolio of precision engineered automotive components including limited-slip differentials, driveshafts, half shafts, steering racks, winches, close-ratio gear kits, final drive ratios, crown wheel and pinions and complete motorsport transmissions, both in ‘H’-pattern and sequential formats, our product range is unrivalled in this sector.

Quaife high performance transmission products are designed to deliver increased performance and durability for fast road, track day, motorsport and off road activity. Our products are the result of meticulous 3D FEA design, careful materials selection, accurate machining, stringent quality control and a wealth of drivetrain expertise and experience.

The Quaife range of products includes the Quaife ATB® differential, which is designed to improve the traction of any front, rear or four-wheel drive car. With outstanding reliability and performance, Quaife ATB® differentials are actively used in rally, racing, track day and fast road fitments.

Quaife gearkits feature high strength motorsport optimised close ratio gears, with outstanding durability and performance for motorsport, fast road and trackday use. Synchromesh and dog engagement versions are available, as is a choice of final drive ratios, with fitments covering Alfa Romeo to Volvo.

Designed to transmit higher torque loadings than road going transmissions, Quaife motorsport gearboxes incorporate technical advantages including close ratio gears and lightweight, high-strength casings. They install easily via a range of bellhousings for popular engines (where required). In-line, front wheel drive, four-wheel drive and transaxle variants are available; many with a choice of motorsport or fast road suited ratios. Customers have the option of either helical format or straight-cut (spur) gears, with either synchromesh or dog engagement depending on requirements.

The Quaife sequential gearboxes offer the ultimate in performance drivetrain technology. The rapid, state-of-the-art, mechanical gearshift eliminates the possibility of a ‘missed’ gear, and the units are compatible with the majority of ‘off-the-shelf’ paddleshift / semi-automatic systems to deliver substantial performance benefits for any vehicle application.

Quaife invites you to discover more below, or for personalised product selection advice, please contact our Customer Services Team.

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Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB®) Differentials

Often imitated but never improved, the Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB®) limited slip differential is the perfect traction solution that delivers noticeable performance benefits on any car using a factory ‘open’ differential unit.

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Showroom gearboxes

Quaife Motorsport Gearboxes

Quaife motorsport gearboxes are proven globally to deliver robust transmission excellence, season after season. Freed from the compromises of everyday road use, Quaife's range of advanced, heavy duty replacement motorsport gearboxes incorporate innovative technology to deliver real performance benefits.

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Dog engagement gearkit

Quaife Motorsport Gearkits

When a production based car or motorcycle is subjected to competition, fast road, or trackday use, the reliability and performance compromises of a standard manufacturer's gearbox can swiftly be exposed. Quaife’s expertise with high performance drivetrain technology has the solution to this problem.

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FWD Gearkits

Quaife FWD Sequential Gearkit Collection

The Quaife FWD Sequential Gearkit Collection covers a vast range of compatible vehicles, from the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA to Vauxhall/Opel vehicles fitted with the Getrag F20 transmission.

A range that is constantly expanding to cater for a growing racing community taking part in many different forms of motorsport disciplines all around the world, Quaife are the trusted manufacturer of reliable, race-winning performance sequential gearkits.

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Quaife Motorcycle Gearkits

The Quaife high performance drivetrain success story began in the world of motorcycling in the 1960’s, when Rodney Quaife developed a five-speed gearkit for AMC for use in Norton and Triumph applications. Numerous Daytona and Isle of Man successes followed, and now over 50 years later, Quaife is still manufacturing and developing high strength five and six-speed close ratio gearkits for a wide range of classic British and Japanese motorcycles.

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Radical SR3

Motorcycle Engined Vehicles

Motorcycle engined vehicles offer an opportunity for vastly increased performance compared to a conventional automobile powerplant, but also presents numerous drivetrain problems. Since the 1990’s, Quaife has risen to these challenges and has worked independently and also co-operated closely with Radical Sportscars and Powertec to develop innovative, reliable, compact gear drive solutions for motorcycle engined vehicles including cars, karts and buggies.

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Steering rack montage

Quaife Motorsport Steering Racks

The Quaife motorsport steering rack range offers a precision engineered upgrade for many popular motorsport saloon and single seater applications.

Compared to the standard production steering item, the Quaife motorsport steering rack uses a higher ratio, drastically reducing the amount of driver wheel input for a given manoeuvre, increasing control and minimising driver fatigue.

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Crown Wheel & Pinions

Quaife Crown Wheel & Pinions

In a front-engined, rear wheel drive application, the crown wheel and pinion transfers engine torque from the propshaft to the car’s differential (LSD), and then onto the road wheels via the halfshafts.

As a function of this process, the crown wheel and pinion (CWP) ratio is the principal variable controlling the vehicle’s overall gearing, which means that changing the CWP has a significant effect on outright performance.

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Quaife Axle & Differential Upgrades

Quaife offers a portfolio of axle and differential upgrades for rear wheel drive Ford applications, designed to enhance performance and durability.

Lighter, stronger than the originals and engineered to maximise the potential of the ATB® differential, these components combine the precision manufacturing, superior materials and innovative design you would expect from a Quaife product, resulting in numerous performance and reliability benefits.

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Halfshafts and flanges

Quaife Uprated Halfshafts & Flanges

Halfshafts are often overlooked during the build of any rear wheel drive competition car, but the breakage of a standard component can have serious effects, beyond the frustration and inconvenience of a non-finish.

The correct selection of uprated replacement halfshafts greatly improves failure resistance, hence why Quaife offers a large range of stronger, larger diameter two piece halfshafts, which are precision manufactured from specially selected high tensile alloy steel billets to suit popular Ford English and Atlas applications.

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