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Quaife has an enviable track record of delivering challenging high performance drivetrain projects, on schedule and on budget. By combining expertise, experience and enthusiasm with state of the art facilities, Quaife successfully manages numerous diverse projects for a wide variety of clients, often with very challenging tolerances and timescales.

Transforming the exacting requirements of the global motorsport market or an individual customer into a finished component worthy of the Quaife name requires expertise, cooperation and information exchanges across five interlinked departments within the business – Research and Development, Design, Production, Quality and Support / Servicing.

From an initial conceptual idea to a fully finished, precision engineered championship winning component – we invite you to discover in this section of the website how this process enables Quaife to successfully deliver world class high performance automotive drivetrain engineering, from design to production. Please contact our Technical Sales Team if you require any further information.


Research & Development

Quaife’s ability to deliver solutions to complex automotive drivetrain challenges begins in the research and development (R & D) offices at the company’s Sevenoaks facility. As a company, Quaife is never content with the status quo and places great emphasis on constant improvement, particularly in the realm of design, where the firm is renowned for returning to first principles and pushing the boundaries of conventional performance automotive drivetrain technology.

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Having completed the conceptual component layout and established the initial design criteria, all projects then progress to the Design Department at Quaife’s Sevenoaks facility which undertakes the detailed design work.

Here, advanced Solidworks 3D computer aided design software enables clear visualisation of virtual components that can be easily manipulated to establish factors including suitability for assembly. In parallel with advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, this helps Quaife’s designers to minimise prototyping time and reduce first off production costs before any metal is machined.

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Quaife offers unrivalled UK based in-house precision engineering production facilities and widespread practical expertise. State of the art equipment, including robotic CNC machines and four axis machining centres combine with automated gear hobbing machines and CNC gear shapers to ensure that Quaife Engineering has unrivalled production facilities in house.

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Quality control is a vital part of the Quaife success story, enabling the company to produce precision engineered components to the very tightest of tolerances. Whether a one off ‘custom’ product or a high-volume OEM contract, clients can be assured that Quaife’s quality management procedures are rigorous, proactive and constantly improving.

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Support & Servicing

Quaife values its long-term customer relationships and offers unparalleled installation, spares and aftersales technical support for its extensive product range, from a simple gear lever to a complete transmission system.

With a team of skilled and experienced assembly technicians, Quaife offers fixed price installation on the vast majority of its products – for example, fitment of a close-ratio gearkit into a standard gearbox maincase. In addition, Quaife’s ability to affordably produce individual components in short timescales means that the firm can manufacture custom bellhousings, drive / halfshafts, hubs, uprights, subframes and mountings to order if required for more complex automotive projects.

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