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FWD Sequentials – Toyota / Lotus

Whether your vehicle features Toyota’s C52, C64 or EC60 transmission, Quaife has designed and manufactures race-winning sequential gearkits to suit. These products are also popular with owners of the S2 & S3 Lotus Elise & Exige.

Quaife QKE9E Toyota C52/C64 6-Speed Sequential Gearkit


With Toyota being the predominant brand in certain parts of the world, and popular elsewhere, it’s no surprise there’s a large market for performance products suitable for the Japanese manufacturer’s products. Quaife has responded to this demand by designing and manufacturing the QKE9E, a 6-speed sequential gearkit compatible with Toyota’s C52 & C64 transmissions.

Toyota vehicles that featured the C52 include variants of the Starlet GT Turbo, MR2 (AW11), Corolla (E90 & E120) and Celica (AT180 & AT200). The C64 featured in further iterations of the E120 Corolla, whilst Lotus fitted it into their S2 Elise & Exige.

Key features:

  • Popular sequential conversion for Toyota MR2 and Lotus Elise Mk2 with 2ZZ-GE engines
  • Race proven throughout the world
  • Uses stock C64 bellhousing
  • New alloy maincase and cover retain stock mounting positions
  • Additional bearings in rear cover for extra support
  • Wide straight cut gears for strength
  • Optional Quaife ATB® differential available
  • Choice of ratios and final drives to suit most applications
  • Comes with sequential gear lever and cable
  • Retains stock clutch, differential, driveshafts and mounts
  • Can also be used in C52 gearbox (4AGE engine) with different crownwheel (QKE12E)

Lotus 2007 D'Aste (18)

Gear ratios:

1st           2nd             3rd            4th            5th            6th

2.545      1.929       1.563        1.333       1.167        1.050

3.200     2.250       1.647       1.368       1.143        0.957

Final drive ratios:

3.733     3.857      4.143        4.417        5.000

Quaife QKE11E Toyota EC60 6-Speed Sequential Gearkit


We come bang up-to-date with Toyota’s EC60 transmission, used in the current Series 3 Lotus Elise & Exige. The compatible Quaife QKE11E has been race proven in Lotus Elise Cup cars in Italy, should you be in any doubt of the performance potential of this precision engineered gearkit. If you want added traction to compliment the quick-shifting properties of QKE11E, check out the Quaife QDF29E ATB® Differential. We think Colin Chapman would approve…

Key features:

  • Strengthened alloy cases
  • Modern drum shift mechanism ensures perfect gear change
  • 6-speed close ratio gears with two final drive options
  • Retains stock clutch, differential, driveshafts and mounts
  • New generation of gear change mechanism allows fitment into front or rear wheel drive configurations
  • Optional Quaife ATB® LSD
  • Paddle shift compatible with Quaife air actuator
  • Compatible with flat shift systems
  • Weighs 35kg

Lotus Exige S Roadster

Gear ratios straight (Base set):

1st             2nd             3rd          4th              5th             6th

3.500      2.545         2.000       1.600        1.333          1.143

Final drive ratios:

3.176          3.400

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