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Quaife values its long-term customer relationships and offers unparalleled installation, spares and aftersales technical support for its extensive product range, from a simple gear lever to a complete transmission system.

With a team of skilled and experienced assembly technicians, Quaife offers fixed price installation on the vast majority of its products – for example, fitment of a close-ratio gearkit into a standard gearbox maincase. In addition, Quaife’s ability to affordably produce individual components in short timescales means that the firm can manufacture custom bellhousings, drive / halfshafts, hubs, uprights, subframes and mountings to order if required for more complex automotive projects.

Quaife is renowned for both its spares support and servicing. A dedicated Technical Sales team works in conjunction with MRP production software to enable Quaife to optimise, forecast and provision spares allocation to satisfy the requirements of both domestic customers and its global sales agent network.

Given the stressful nature of a typical motorsport operating environment, it is recommended that, (aside from the ATB® differential), all Quaife transmissions are regularly inspected as part of their maintenance program. Exact service intervals are a factor of the intensity of use, and in the vast majority of instances, an annual inspection disassembly is all that is required as a preventative measure.

The complex nature of high performance automotive transmissions means that this activity is best left to experts, and Quaife has created a fixed priced servicing tariff that provides outstanding value for its customers. After all, who better than Quaife to service your Quaife product?

Please contact our Technical Sales Team to book your Quaife product in for a service.


Quaife Servicing Menu

Transaxle Gearbox –                                                          £450.00

4×4 Gearbox –                                                                     £500.00

Complete 5/6-Speed 60G/69G Gearbox –                  £300.00

Complete 5/6-Speed 15G/27G Gearbox –                    £450.00

Ford 4-Speed Gearbox –                                                  £180.00

Ford 5-Speed Gearbox / SL72 –                                     £200.00

Quaife FWD Sequential Gearbox –                                £345.00

Quaife FWD H-Pattern Gearbox –                                 £315.00

Fitting ATB® Diff to FWD Gearbox –                          £220.00

Fitting Quaife gearkit to FWD Gearbox –                    £345.00

Fitting ATB® Diff to RWD Unit –                                 from £220.00

Quaife Reversing Box –                                                   £85.00

All Quaife Motorcycle Gearboxes –                              £160.00

Quaife ATB® Differential –                                            £55.00

Fitting/Servicing All Other Products –                        £POA

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