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FWD Sequentials – MG Rover / Lotus

The Quaife QKE10R can replace any PG1 equipped transmission. Used extensively in everything from the MGF to the S1 Lotus Elise & Exige, this sequential is an ideal match for those keen on increasing performance.

QKE10R PG1 box

The Rover PG1 gearbox was paired with the firm’s K-Series engine, a robust unit that saw action in many a racing championship. The PG1 was fitted in many cars, including variants of the MGF, MG ZR, MG ZS, Rover 200 & 25, plus the Series 1 Lotus Elise & Exige.

The Lotus brand is famous for producing cars that combine performance and handling finesse, made possible by founder Colin Chapman’s philosophy of making the cars as lightweight as possible. Indeed he said, “Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere”.

Replacing the standard transmission with a Quaife sequential gearkit is essential to increase performance levels, without effecting core Lotus strengths of handling balance and the ability of putting a smile on your face at accessible speeds. What’s more, all of these products have been race proven in various disciplines and championships.

The Quaife QKE10R 6-Speed Sequential Gearkit uses the original PG1 maincase and bellhousing. This precision engineered gearkit has been used successfully on rally stages, race circuits and the open road, offering precise, quick shifting properties. Robust and reliable, the QKE10R is a must for those wanting to turn their car into a true performance benchmark.

Lotus Elise

Key features:

  • Six straight-cut, close ratio gears with motorsport suited final drive ratios
  • Fast and precise sequential gearchange
  • Retains stock Lotus Elise/Exige clutch, differential, driveshafts and mounts
  • Optional Quaife ATB® differential and LED digital gear position indicator available
  • The QKE10R package includes the new transmission housing, gear lever and cable
  • Weighs 35kg

Gear ratios:

1st         2nd           3rd           4th         5th             6th

2.583    2.071      1.688       1.412       1.200       1.048

Final drive ratios:

3.923       4.214        4.462

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