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UK-EU Shipments

Now that the UK has left the Single Market and the Customs Union, there are changes required to the way we process parcels cross-border.

Due to the increased checks at borders for all goods leaving the UK to the EU, we are now using DHL for all our international shipping.
DHL have proven to be a much more efficient and reliable courier when it comes to EU shipments, meaning the delays due to customs will be reduced as much as possible compared to when we were using DPD.

In order to facilitate the process of clearing customs, it is essential that all VAT registered EU customers provide us with a valid VAT and EORI number at the point of order.
This will allow us to ship goods to the EU without import duties under the rules of preferential origin.

If you would like to discuss shipping options with us, please call or email our sales team, who will be happy to assist you.

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