Week 31

This Week At Quaife Engineering:

Quaife bespoke design service:

Here at Quaife we offer a bespoke design service, if you have vehicle application we don’t cover, or a project you need designing and manufacturing, we’re here to help! Once we have the initial concept and design criteria, all projects are developed by the Design Department at our Sevenoaks facility, which undertakes the detailed design work necessary for preparing the project for manufacture.

By using computer-aided manufacturing software, we can reduce manufacturing times, resulting in fewer machining operations, less waste, and a fully optimised automotive drivetrain component designed to deliver unbeatable performance and reliability in the most challenging of conditions.


State of the art equipment, including robotic CNC machines:

We offer unrivalled UK based, in house, precision engineering production facilities and widespread practical expertise. State of the art equipment, including robotic CNC machines and automated gear hobbing machines, ensure that we have unrivalled production capabilities in house.

All Quaife components are hand-assembled and installed by skilled and experienced technicians, who play a key role in ensuring the reliability and performance of the finished product.


Quaife FWD Sequential Gearkits:

Quaife FWD Sequential Gearkits cover a vast range of compatible vehicles, from the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA to Volvo vehicles fitted with the M66 transmission.

Quaife are the trusted manufacturer of reliable, race-winning performance sequential gearkits. Our range is constantly expanding to cater for a growing racing community taking part in many different forms of motorsport disciplines all around the world.