Week 12

This Week At Quaife Engineering:

Remembering a true gentleman

Where it all began. The driving force to building Quaife Engineering and the design of the ATB differential. Remembering a true gentleman, Happy Birthday Rod Quaife.

Ford Fiesta ATB differentials:

Here we have 3 weeks worth of forged end covers and bodies for the Current Ford Fiesta ATB differential. We are required to machine all of this every 3 weeks as well as our own stock differentials. All our ATB differntials are manufactured in house and in Kent, something we are very proud of!

Quaife Turning Capabilities:

Our turning capabilities include:
· 2 Kia SKT 21L 2 Axis CNC Lathes
· 2 Doosan GT2100
· 1 Doosan Lynx 220 LSY
· 3 Manual Centre Lathes
· 2 Star SR-32J CNC Lathe with Bar Feed and 4 Axis Live Tooling