This Week At Quaife Engineering

Week 11

This Week At Quaife Engineering:

The QKE12Z Quaife 4-Speed Synchromesh Gearkit:

The QKE12Z Quaife 4-Speed Synchromesh Gearkit for the Ford Escort Sport retains the original Ford mainshaft and can be purchased with an optional Quaife ATB differential.

The Quaife QBA3R Gear Drive Unit:

We have a fresh batch of QBA3R gear drive units ready to ship to our exclusive distributor Radical Motorsports. These are fitted to all Radical SR3 units and every drive unit is fitted with a Quaife ATB differential. We have to this date supplied over 1500 of the QBA3R units.

This gear drive system is suitable for use with most super-bike engines. The unit simply bolts directly to the side of the engine. Power is transmitted directly from the output shaft via a unique cushion drive coupling. Drive is then taken through a pair of quick-change reduction gears to the Quaife ATB differential.

Ford Fiesta Differential Pinion Gear Cutting:

We have a batch of 1500 pinion blanks awaiting gear cutting.

These blanks will be used in the Ford Fiesta differential. The P60 gear-cuts the pinion blanks into their correct shape.