This Week At Quaife Engineering

Week 10

This Week At Quaife Engineering:

The Quaife QBE60G 6-speed Sequential Gearbox for the Ford Escort MK1/MK2:

The Quaife QBE60G heavy duty In-line 6-speed RWD Sequential Gearbox is a direct replacement upgrade for the popular Ford Type 9 transmission and since its launch in 2008 has become the market leader in this sector.

A high strength 80mm shaft centre design with all alloy casings enables QBE60G to handle up to 375bhp, yet it can be installed into a Mk1 / Mk2 Ford Escort or
Caterham 7 without transmission tunnel modifications. QBE60G features a modular gear cluster, allowing easier interchangeability of gear ratios and fewer moving parts, while a drum type sequential gearchange system is allied to an open face dog design on both gear and drive disc. This produces a positive, ultra-fast gearshift – an optional Quaife approved ‘intelligent’ semi-automatic paddle shift is also available.

Ford Fiesta Sun Gears:

This week at Quaife Engineering we have Ford Fiesta sun gears before and after gear cutting and broaching.
The first picture show the gears after they have been turned, the second picture is of the gears after they have been broached and gearcut

Quaife Distributor Training:

Thank you to Co-ordSport for their hospitality This week and for allowing our Sales Manager Dave to give their staff some more training on the Quaife Products.