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Week 11

This Week At Quaife Engineering:

Jonny Smith is building “Britain’s most hated car”, the Austin Allegro:

Quaife has been a part of some exciting projects recently.
One of these projects is from previous Fifth Gear presenter and motoring journalist Jonny Smith who is building a street sleeper by converting “Britain’s most hated car”, the Austin Allegro, to run a Honda Legend/ Rover 827 V6 twin-cam engine and FWD 5-speed Transmission and we have supplied a Quaife ATB®️ Differential.
The vehicle will also be fitted with an Eaton supercharger (M62 from a Merc 230 SLK compressor), coilover suspension, disc brakes, fuel system, standalone ECU and detailed engine bay.
A big thank you to The Late Brake Show for letting us be a part of this build.
You can check out the car’s progress on Jonny’s YouTube Channel –
Click here for more information on the QDF28K we supplied –


The QKE10R Quaife 6-Speed Sequential Dog Engagement Gearkit:

The QKE10R Quaife 6-Speed Sequential Dog Engagement Gearkit delivers ultra-fast sequential gearshift technology for your Lotus Elise / Exige (PG1)

Key features of the QKE10R :
· Ultra fast sequential gearshift
· Retains stock Lotus Elise / Exige clutch, diff, driveshafts and mounts
· Optional Quaife ATB®️ (QDF28K)

Click here for more information on the QKE10R –
*please note this package includes the new transmission housing, gear lever and cable


Choosing a limited slip differential:

When choosing a limited slip differential for your vehicle there are a number of questions you should ask yourself before committing to a purchase. One of these is why should I not buy a cheaper copy of a Quaife differential?

The age-old saying of you get what you pay for is never more true. The Quaife ATB®️ is in some cases more expensive than our competitors, but this is due to the superior quality, development and customer service that come with buying a Quaife ATB®️.

When looking at purchasing an ATB®️, the fitting of the product should always be taken into account as in some cases this can be more than the price of the differential. When fitting a differential you only want to do this once so knowing you have a product that has a lifetime warranty gives you the confidence that this will only need to be paid for once.

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