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Week 8

This Week At Quaife Engineering:

The early days at Quaife:

The early days at Quaife were spent manufacturing performance motorcycle gearkits, most notably close ratio 5-speed units for Triumph, BSA and Norton. We also took on subcontracted work from AMC; the makers of Matchless and AJS motorcycles.
Quaife gearkits were used to achieve victories in the Daytona Speedway and Isle of Man TT. Here, Paul Smart and Percy Tait are letting rip in 1971 on Quaife equipped Triumph Tridents.
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Quaife Engineering Gear Cutting Capabilities:

Here at Quaife, we can cut gears up to 0.5m in diameter and have a huge range of tools to suit a very large number of tooth forms and sizes.

As a specialist in transmission components, we are experts in gear cutting techniques and can offer advice and technical expertise on the science behind this complicated area.

Our gear cutting capabilities include:

· 1 Liebherr LSE380 Shaper with Automation
· 4 Sykes H160 Gear Hobbing Machines
· 2 Sykes V400 NC Gear Shapers
· 2 Genetron CNC Gear Shapers
· 1 Barber Coleman Gear Hobbing Machine
· 2 Maxicut Rack Cutting Machines
· 1 Kashi Fuji CNC Gear Hobbing Machine
· 1 Gleason Phauter CNC Gear Hobbing Machine
· 1 Liebherr LC180 Automated Gear Hobbing Machine
· 2 Gleason P60 Automated Gear Hobbing Machine
· 2 Gleason P100 Automated Gear Hobbing Machine
· 2 Pfauter Gear Hobbing Machines
· 1 Fellows Gear Shaper

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Something different to the GT40s we’re used to from Le Mans Coupes: