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Week 5

This Week At Quaife Engineering:

The QBE69G Heavy-Duty In-line 6 speed sequential gearbox:

The QBE69G is a heavy-duty in-line, six-speed sequential gearbox. With 90mm shaft centres, this compact unit can transmit up to 750bhp.
The QBE69G’s technical highlights include an integral oil pump and a modular gear cluster, while a drum type sequential gearchange system is allied to an open face dog design on both gear and drive disc, producing a fast, positive gearshift.
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The QDF5N Quaife ATB differential for the BMW 6 Series:

Available exclusively from Quaife distributors Birds – BMW Performance Tuning the QDF5N Quaife ATB differential for the BMW 6 Series range transforms your car’s performance.
Unlike a conventional LSD, the Quaife ATB Helical LSD differential never locks harshly with a set pre-load of wheel slip across the driven axle. A true fit and forget differential that is backed by a lifetime warranty.
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The Lotus Evora 400, featuring the Quaife ATB Differential:

Replacing the original Evora and Evora S in the Lotus line-up, the Evora 400 is named after its horsepower rating. Featuring the Quaife ATB®️ Differential, the Evora 400 has received positive reviews from the motoring press since its launch.

The Hethel-based firm is famous for its lightweight, rewarding performance cars, and the Evora 400 does not disappoint. 0-60 mph takes just 4.1 seconds, while top speed is quoted at 186 mph. The Evora is based on the first all-new vehicle platform from Lotus since the introduction of the Elise in 1995.

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