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Week 50

This Week At Quaife Engineering:

What kind of horsepower can a Quaife ATB Differential handle?:

What kind of horsepower can a Quaife ATB®️ Differential handle?

The Quaife ATB®️ Differential is engineered to handle considerable amounts of power and high torque loadings. In almost any given transmission or rear axle, the Quaife ATB®️ Differential will not be the limiting factor.

This has been proven in front wheel drive drag racing, where violent standing starts combine with high power outputs and sticky drag rubber.

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The QKE10R Quaife 6-Speed Sequential Gearkit:

The QKE10R Quaife 6-Speed Sequential Gearkit* for your Lotus Elise / Exige delivers rapid sequential gearshift technology and retains the original clutch, differential, driveshafts and mounts.

Key features of the QKE10R:

· Six straight-cut, close-ratio gears with motorsport suited final drive ratios

· Ultra-fast sequential gearshift

· Optional Quaife ATB®️ (QDF28K) and LED digital gear readout (QMLED) available


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*Please note this is a gearkit not a full gearbox.


The Maserati Bi-turbo:

In the late 1980’s Maserati approached Quaife to design a limited slip differential for the Biturbo.

Referred to by Maserati as the ‘Ranger’ differential, the Quaife designed product was predominantly used in the Maserati Racing (Tipo 331) model, part of the redesigned Maserati 222 family of cars.

The Racing featured a 283 bhp, 269 lb. ft, 2.0 24v engine, while a lowered chassis included electric KONI shock absorbers which allowed drivers to adjust the damping on four settings, at the flick of a switch.

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