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Week 49

This Week At Quaife Engineering:

What sort of gear oil should I use?:

What sort of gear oil should I use?

When running a Quaife ATB®️ Differential in a standard transaxle gearbox, we recommend you use the oil recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer – the Quaife ATB®️ Differential does not require any special lubricants.

When running Quaife gearbox internals and a Quaife ATB®️ differential, we recommend FuchsTitan SYN5 75W90. For a Quaife ATB differential, running in a rear axle, we advise you use a hypoid 90 or 75W90.

For those applications that will accept a GL5 or SAE 75W90 gear oil, we recommend and sell Silkolene SYN5 75W90 gear oil. We use Silkolene in all our own Quaife racing transmissions.


The QDF9M Quaife ATB Differential:

The QDF9M Quaife ATB®️ Differential for your Renault Clio is a direct replacement for the standard open differential.

The Quaife ATB differential is proven in circuit and drag racing, rallying and road use. A true fit and forget differential that is backed by a lifetime warranty.


The QKE45Z Quaife 5-Speed Sequential Gearkit:

The QKE45Z Quaife 5-Speed Sequential Gearkit for your Ford/Volvo (M66 gearbox) reuses original bellhousing and has a drum style shift mechanism for fast, reliable gear changes.

This gearkit can be supplied with either a manual lever and cable or air actuator for paddleshift.

Key features of the QKE45Z:
· Retains OEM clutch, differential, driveshafts and mounts
· Optional Quaife ATB differential (ST & C30 version only)
· Choice of straight cut or helical gear ratios, and 2 straight cut & 1 helical final drive options
· Compatible with flatshift systems