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Week 48

This Week At Quaife Engineering:

The fastest MR2 in the US:

Our Throwback Thursday this week looks back on last month when BoostedBoiz had an 8.874 second, 1/4 mile pass at 161.46 mph making it the fastest MR2 in the US.

Not only that, but they used the Quaife QKE8J 5-Speed Sequential gearbox which is available from Quaife distributor Momentum Motorsport.

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The NEW QDF25U Quaife ATB:


The NEW QDF25U Quaife ATB Differential for your Honda Civic Wagon is a direct replacement for the standard open differential and is available exclusively at Quaife distributor Momentum Motorsport.

The Quaife ATB differential is proven in circuit and drag racing, rallying and road use. A true fit and forget differential that is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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The QBE69G heavy-duty in-line, six-speed sequential gearbox:

The QBE69G is a heavy-duty in-line, six-speed sequential gearbox.

With 90mm shaft centres, this compact unit is rated to 750bhp with customers exceeding this with great success.
The QBE69G’s technical highlights include an integral oil pump and a modular gear cluster, while a drum type sequential gearchange system is allied to an open face dog design on both gear and drive disc, producing a fast, positive gearshift.

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