Quaife MT75 Collection Top Pick for Historic Racing

Ford’s MT75 gearbox featured in some of the Blue Oval’s most sought-after performance cars. With many now over 25 years old, they have become eligible for historic racing. Quaife has just the products…

Ford MT75

Ford’s MT75 gearbox featured in some of the Blue Oval’s most sought-after performance cars. With many now over 25 years old, they are now eligible for historic racing. Quaife has just the products…

Whether it’s racing in championships around the UK or taking part in high-end events such as the Goodwood Revival, the historic racing scene is big business. Whether an automotive driveline manufacturer like us, or a specialist classic car restoration business, the historic racing scene is constantly evolving, as more vehicles become eligible for entry.

In many cases, vehicles are able to enter historic racing championships when they become 25 years old; therefore, many vehicles manufactured before 1993 are eligible. Performance enhancing products will only be allowed if the technology they utilise was available pre-1993. Sequential transmissions are therefore a no-no.

Largely thanks to their reliability and relative affordability when new, such popularity has meant that Fords are extremely popular within the field of historic racing. This is in no doubt helped by the Blue Oval’s success in motorsport, as well as the manufacturer’s renowned handling. Engines that could be easily tuned was a bonus.

Our focus here is Ford’s (Ferguson) MT75 transmission, a gearbox that featured in a number of highly sought-after performance cars from the 80’s and 90’s. Largely replacing the Blue Oval’s Type 9 transmission, the MT75 was found in the Escort Cosworth, Sierra Cosworth 4×4, Sapphire Cosworth and Sierra XR4x4 models.

The last Sierra Cosworth rolled off production lines in 1992, with the Escort Cosworth retiring from Ford’s portfolio in 1996. With all Sierras and a number of earlier Escort Cosworths eligible for historic racing, Quaife has seen an increase in the number of requests for performance driveline components suitable for these MT75 equipped models. This transmission, like the Type 9, is also used in uprated classic cars and hot rods, especially if a Ford Pinto engine, a multi valve 4-cylinder or Rover V8 engine is used, further increasing demand for our MT75 products.

Quaife QBE17Z / QKE17Z Ford MT75 Dog Engagement Gearbox / Gearkit

  • Straight-cut, close-ratio dog engagement gears
  • Heavy duty gear lever and housing
  • Strengthened centre case
  • Features ‘dog leg’ 1st gear
  • Includes selector forks, interlocks and operating blocks
  • Optional Quaife ATB or standard Ford Viscous centre differential
  • Homologated gear ratios for Group A use


Quaife QKE20Z Ford MT75 Group N Synchromesh Gearkit

  • Direct replacement for original gearkit
  • Helical gears
  • Uses standard Ford synchromesh components
  • Homologated Group N ratios
  • Optional ‘Recce’ ratio sets available
  • Specially strengthened gears for improved durability

Quaife QDF14Z / QDF16Z ATB Differentials

  • QDF14ZC – Ford Sierra / Granada 7½” rear (including flanges) Cosworth 108mm Lobro
  • QDF14ZS – Ford Scorpio 100mm Lobro
  • QDF14ZF – Ford Sierra Cosworth 7½” front (including shafts)
  • QDF16Z – Ford Escort / Sierra 6½ 4×4 front
  • All ATB Differentials come with a Lifetime Warranty for complete peace of mind
  • ATB Differentials are trusted by Ford Motor Company – used in Focus RS & Fiesta ST

Quaife F18Z102 Ford Escort / Sierra 6½ 4×4 Heavy Duty Front Differential Case

  • Uprated heavy duty front differential case
  • Stronger and lighter
  • Ideal for motorsport applications