Stephen ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni announces new partnership with Quaife Engineering.



Monster Energy athlete, former British drift champion, and King of Europe Drift Superfinal winner Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni is delighted to announce a 2015 sponsorship deal with global market leader in high performance automotive transmission technology – Quaife Engineering Ltd.


The new partnership will see Baggsy use Quaife transmission products for the entirety of his 2015 European campaign, including the Monster Energy King of Europe Pro Drift Championship, Gymkhana GRiD, and the Monza Rally Show.


“It’s fantastic to be working directly with the team at Quaife,” said Baggsy. “The heritage that the company has in motorsport is second to none, and together we are aiming to break some serious new ground and prove that they will be a force to be reckoned with in drifting. Not only that, but the company is celebrating its 50 year anniversary in 2015, which is a big achievement.


“When I was given the tour of Quaife’s facilities I was incredibly impressed at how much of the design and manufacture process is kept in house. I’m only an hour down the road from their headquarters, so it’s also a great to be working with a local engineering firm with such a prestigious reputation.”



Quaife’s partnership with Baggsy comes in the same season that the Kent based-firm celebrates their 50th anniversary, and represents a step forward in their drift motorsport development programme.


Baggsy will be using The QBE69G six speed sequential gearbox utilizing 90mm shaft centres, which is capable of transmitting up to 750bhp. The box comes with an integral oil pump for additional cooling capability and an optional gear position and oil temperature display. The gearbox also has a drum design sequential gear change and open face dog design for the perfect gear change during high-speed drifting.


The design and various fitment packages that are available make this an extremely versatile gearbox that can be used in anything from drifting to off-road use. Between this and its little brother, the QBE60G, Quaife have manufactured and sold over 1400 of these gearboxes for use all over the world.



Quaife’s Technical Director Michael Quaife said when asked about the new partnership: “I’m delighted that Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni has come back to us for his gearbox requirements. Having raced trouble free with our products in the past he knew that they would ultimately be the most reliable choice for his campaign this year and we are proud to be associated with his team.


“Baggsy is a fantastic driver and great brand ambassador for our very popular sequential gearbox because he believes in the product and this proves yet again that with the right combination of equipment and driver, motorsport can be both reliable and affordable.


“Over the last few years we have seen a vast improvement in the quality of cars, teams and drivers now competing in drifting all over the world and with this in mind we’ve been looking for a new team to champion the Quaife brand within the sport’s global arena. Ultimately, it was an easy decision and it is with great pleasure that we announce that our team of choice to use the Quaife extra-heavy duty six-speed sequential gearbox this season is SB Motorsport with their driver Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni.”