Quaife ZF Transaxle back by popular demand!


Our latest batch of transaxle H pattern gearboxes has been built and are available off-the-shelf today. The latest batch of QBE62G gearboxes, designed as a direct replacement for the ZF original transmission can be fitted to many mid-engined supercars including our very own GT40.

Our newest batch comes with the very latest upgrades including a billet end cover, forged shaft retaining bolt and repositioned high performance pinion bearing to allow it to work comforatbly behind the larger V8 engines. We have manufactured and built over 100 of these high performance transmissions for GT40 and pantera owners and even some custom mid-engined road and track cars. The modern synchromesh internals give a smooth ride on the road whilst offering a fast and precise gear change on the track.

Key engineering details include the use of 85mm shaft centres, which enables the QBE62G transaxle to handle a maximum recommended 500bhp. Helical gears are included with a synchromesh gear selection, minimising gear noise and ensuring everyday usability. Designed for either rod or cable-operated gearchange mechanisms, the QBE62G offers customers a choice of cable or hydraulic clutch release bearing fitments, while a Quaife oil pump is available as an optional extra.

Key features of the Quaife QBE62G 5-Speed, ‘H’ pattern ZF replacement transaxle gearbox include:-

• 85mm shaft centres and hypoid crown-wheel and pinion
to handle high output engines
• Fitment, major dimensions and gear-change input
replicates original ZF DS-25/2
• 5-speed H-pattern with ‘dog-leg’ 1st, as per original
ZF DS-25/2
• Standard GT40 or inverted De Tomaso fitment
• Helical gears and synchromesh gear selection
• Quaife ATB differential included in design

Gear Ratios

1st       2nd      3rd        4th       5th

2.533   1.619    1.200    0.929    0.742

Final Drive Ratios




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